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The protein shake tastes less thick than the other protein shakes that I have tried e.g Phd protein shake.Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Sci-MX Nutrition GRS-5 Protein System 2280 g.Hey friends, I'm having one of those spells lately where, as soon as 9pm hits I'm dreaming of bathing in a sea of chocolate, and just HAVE to find something cho | See... 40% Off All Chocolate Protein This Easter Exp: 29 Mar 2016.

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SciMx GRS 9 Hour Protein (2.2kg) Research proves that a higher state of muscle anabolism is achieved with a blend of fast, medium and gradual.

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The protein is the same formula as can be found in their GRS 9HR shake.Sci-Mx. Should you be adding Dextrose to your Post-Workout Protein Shake.Nutritionally rich and balanced shake to be used in. rice starch, waxy maize), GRS 9-Hour protein blend.

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Sci-MX Nutrition 100% Ultragen 2280 g Banana Whey Protein Shake Powder:.

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